Should you rent or buy a home?

Home vs apartment has been the talk of the town lately. Which is better? Well I’m going to flat out say than neither is better than the other. The reason being is we all have different preferences and needs. My husband and I first started off in a little 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment when we met many years ago. Of course, now you can get apartments with lots of rooms! In fact, lots of people prefer apartments to raise families in now vs houses. That doesn’t mean though that there aren’t folks who prefer to live in a house.


I personally like living in a house over an apartment complex because of the fact that I can truly call a house my own home. I know that sounds a little cliché but the reason I say that is because an apartment never really felt like my own. It always felt a little too cramped for my preference. Still it could’ve been the fact that I lived in a small apartment. I’m sure the apartments of today have a house like feel to them. One other advantage of owning a home vs an apartment is the fact that you can customize your home any way you see fit. You’d get in big trouble with your landlord if you ever dared to customize even the slightest of things in your apartment.

home 2

Let’s shift our focus over to customizing things a bit in a home you can redecorate your walls and shift things around whereas in an apartment complex the most you could do is move your furniture around. I guess the most exciting thing about living in an apartment would be the fact that you could shop for a nice coffee table with storage. You will definitely need storage if you are going to live in an apartment. Now I’d like to finish off by saying that I by no means am an expert in home renovation or anything and that my opinions are solely my own and are not to be taken at heart. Yes, I prefer an apartment but that might just be my bias because of my not too great experience with them. Overall the choice is ultimately up to you so take what I said lightly. If you like apartments, then by all means go for it! If not, homes are very lovely and I can say that with utmost confidence.


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