Remodeling that living room!

So, you’ve decided to finally do something with that old living room of yours huh? Well that’s great but let me try and convince you to just go ahead and remodel the entire house while you are at it. No, I’m not kidding, you know why? Because that’s what’s going to happen anyway. Seriously I have never met anyone who could remodel one part of the house without going ahead and remodeling the rest. The reason why is because your home just won’t look right with one room looking shiny and new and the others looking dull and boring. So, let’s talk about that living room.

First start by clearing out the entire room including picture frames and television stands. This will give you better insight as to how much space you have to work with and just like an artist visualizes his work just before beginning you will do the same. First envision what it is you want the room to look like. I’m referring to just the layout don’t worry about colors or sizes or anything like that for now. Just decided what you want and where. Once you’ve figured that out and have a good idea as to what you want then think about the size of things. Will the sofa your considering get in the way of that coffee table? Will it look to compressed? Will it look to open? Maybe you like that? My point is that there are lots of options to choose from so choose wisely and don’t hesitate to experiment and try a few things out before settling. Next think about the color scheme.

This one is simple and self-explanatory so I’ll leave that to you to decide on. Moving on the other rooms is a breeze as you’ve already set the blueprint with the living room remodeling. All you have to do now is try and match things up. For example, if the living room has a dark color scheme you want the same for the kitchen otherwise it will feel like you’re walking into two totally different worlds and that could be disheartening to think all that hard work to mess something so simple up. This is why I advocate experimenting and trying things out before committing. Now I know that your budget is a major factor and that we aren’t all made of money but please try and find a way to see your living room the way you want it before making large purchases.


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